Our Beliefs

A Christian Nondenominational Congregation

At Trinity, it is our goal to teach people about the Gospel narrative and the implications of it's truths on our everyday lives. So as we communicate our core beliefs a good place to start is the Nicene Creed (325/381 AD) which was the orthodox confession of the early church describing the nature of God and what we believe about him as Christians. This creed is engraved on a giant granite boulder in the front of the church. 

Trinity is nondenominational which means that we are a “self-standing” independent congregation that is not affiliated with a larger denomination or group. Our church is also evangelical (meaning we believe in the basically literal nature of the Bible and have a desire to share God’s truth with others), reformed/covenantal (meaning we see God’s sovereignty in salvation and we look at God’s story as more of a complete unit rather than something that is divided into different dispensations) and postmillennial in our eschatology (meaning that despite suffering, hardship and times of persecution in this present age, God’s kingdom has generally advanced in the world until now and will continue to do so until Christ visibly and bodily returns alongside the resurrection at the Last Day). We see these and many other Biblical truths as a small part of God’s encouraging message for those of us who experience his grace every day!

If you'd like more information on what we believe you can visit our resource page for a list of books on a variety of relevant topics. In addition, you can click here to access a detailed and easily understandable document that articulates many of Trinity's well-established and time-honored traditions of God, man and the Bible.


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